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    The Y7: the G7 Youth Summit

    From June 9th to 14th, delegates from the G7 countries, the European Union, and the African Union will convene in Paris for the week of negotiations of the G7 Youth Summit. Their goal is to prepare a call to action with recommendations to the G7 Heads of State and Government in the framework of the official channel of discussion between Youth and the Leaders: the Y7.
    The 2019 Y7 will focus on inequalities. Our goal is to make actionable propositions to tackle inequalities of all kinds: new form of inequalities stemming from climate change consequences or mitigation/adaptation policies or from technological disruptions as well as long-lasting gender imbalances or wealth and income discrepancies.

    An African perspective during the Y7

    The fight against inequality is a matter for all continents. This G7 will not just be a meeting between seven countries but rather an opportunity to work more broadly with everyone who shares our values and is willing to take action to move forward together. The African Union will have a special place among the partners present. Africa is a breeding ground for development challenges, but also for opportunities to build future equality. We cannot intend to look at solutions for the future without including the world’s youngest continent. Africa will thus be a special partner in the G7 discussions on peace, climate change, digital path etc.


    Your Role as Delegate of the African Union to the Y7

    We are looking for visionary, enthusiastic, and committed African young leaders who have an expertise in the field of fighting against Inequality. You will represent the African Union during the Y7 Summit from June 9th to 14th 2019. You will be in charge of reaching out to the public prior to this event to involve citizens in the design of your recommendations. You will be accountable for the Y7 decisions to the African public in the aftermath of the Summit.


  • Eligibility

    Participants should be between 18 and 30 years the time of the summit and must hold an African nationality.
    Fluency in English (reading, writing, speaking) is required.


    If you are selected, accommodation and food costs will be covered for the duration of the summit. Your flight (from your country to Paris), additional personal expenses, as well as visas to enter France (for those who require one) will not be covered.​

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